I am Emma. A woman, with roots in Sweden. I am an energy practitioner, sensitive to energies. 

This business is a part of me, a part of my acension, and a way of living. It changes and grows in alignment with me. The intention of my work is, to support and inspire other women. 

‘When women remember the truth of their nature and reclaim all that they are as sacred and whole our world returns to love. We are here to remember. @earthdaughters.

I was taught that all you want and need is out there.  I went searching. In other countries, in people, in men, courses, teachers, and books. For years, I went to others for answers, and direction. Depending on others. Now, I turn to others for support and Inspiration.

‘No one else knows your way. Stop asking for directions. You are the way.’ – earthdaughter

Listening to my intuition, connecting to my power, wisdom, truth and heart is essential to me now. 

The medicine is not out there. It is in here.

We are the Medicine.
We are the Truth.
We are the Way.


Important teachings for me on this path. 

– Learning about energies and energy management. Tools, knowing what’s mine and how to disconnect from what’s not. This is essential for all of us who are sensitive to energies and in the acension process. 

‘Taking charge, and care, of your magnetic field, is how you take your power back.’ – Lalah Dalia

– Connecting to and trusting my intuition. The inner compass. 

– Setting Intentions.

– Tools to ground. 

– Connecting to and working with the elements [earth, water, fire, and air]. 

– Releasing limiting beliefs, stories, programs, and healing wounds.

‘Until you heal the wound, you’re going to keep attracting from it.’ – youareluminous

– Cycle awareness, living in sync with the cycle. The cycle, the one women have been taught can be ignored.